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Invest in the White Sox?

White Sox GM Kenny Williams says, ""You are way, way too far ahead there. I have to look at how the Dow Jones did today and see the general state of the economy before we start committing large sums of money out there."


Assistant GM Rick Hahn says, "Historically, you talk about it in Spring Training, in a more relaxed atmosphere. There has to be a meeting of the minds, with a willingness also on the part of the player and the agent."


Of course, they're discussing what everyone is: how the White Sox can take their savings--their cut players and those players' cut salaries and bonuses--and re-invest them into the team to complement the strong talent that's already here. The Sox have usually made out well with long-term contract deals and in fact this is part of the strategy that turned them back into winners a few seasons ago.

With all due respect to Mr. Williams, I don't find him much of an economist. The Chisox have money to burn and will continue to have it. Williams, stop hedging your bets and give us some more depth so that we can keep on winning and get back to the World Series before Ozzie rips an umpire's head off.

Well, yes, Williams and Hahn are being sneaky, trading for some more young talent to add to the team that has brought us Carlos Quentin and 100mph-fastball closer Bobby Jenks. Jerry Owens and Josh Fields should make nice additions and become well-cultivated this season.

“These young guys better be ready to come in and work. If they think they will just be given a starting job, there will be problems," warns Ozzie.

I'm positive about this year, but I'm prepared to be let down. We'll see what's up.


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