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Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Outfielder Mookie Betts Steals HR from Bryce Harper with Leaping Grab

The Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox are underway on this lovely spring Monday at Fenway Park, and the game has effectively turned into the Mookie Betts Show.

What Yoan Moncada Must Prove in the Minors to Become MLB-Ready

The hype and excitement that surrounded Yoan Moncada and his decision to sign with the Boston Red Sox in February have turned mostly to anticipation and expectation as the Cuban phenom embarks upon his first season in America.

Red Sox Roll the Dice on Rick Porcello's 2014 Breakout with Monster $82.5M Deal

When the Boston Red Sox traded Yoenis Cespedes for Rick Porcello last December, they signaled that they were willing to roll the dice on the hurler's big 2014 breakout.

Now they're really rolling the dice on that breakout, suddenly putting an $82.5 million wager on it.

Red Sox's Rebuilt Offense Sets the Tone Early with Grand Opening Day Display

You get the feeling this is what is going to have to happen fairly often.

A pure offensive onslaught.

You had to be a dummy not to realize the Boston Red Sox had built one hell of an attack over the offseason, tossing in Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval with an already-formidable group of David Ortiz, Mike Napoli and Dustin Pedroia. Them scoring was never in doubt.

Rick Porcello, Red Sox Agree to New Contract: Latest Details, Comments, Reaction

The Boston Red Sox wasted little time locking up Rick Porcello, who would have been a free agent after this season.

Red Sox's Cloudy Outfield Picture Clears Up After Castillo, Bradley Jr. Cuts

The Boston Red Sox's outfield crunch was billed as one of the spring's hottest storylines. In the end, it wound up less an epic battle and more a peacefully negotiated ceasefire.

3 Things We Learned About the Red Sox in Spring Training

Spring training declarations are a difficult beast to tackle. Putting too much weight in March statistics would be misguided, as Jake Fox and his 10 Grapefruit League home runs in 2011 remind us. "Jake Who?" you ask? Precisely. 

At the same time, this is the first extended look at the 30 MLB clubs, and in some cases managers are determining roster spots based on performance. So these games aren't entirely meaningless; they just have to be viewed through the proper lens. 

Boston Red Sox: With Mookie Betts in Center, Sox Have Terrific Outfield

Coming into spring training, Mookie Betts, the Red Sox's seventh-ranked prospect by Baseball America in 2014, was supposed to compete with Cuban signee Rusney Castillo for the starting center field job.

Blake Swihart Showed Why He Is an Untouchable Piece of Red Sox's Future

To deem a young player or prospect as “untouchable” can sometimes backfire.

Injuries occur. Plateauing performances before hitting the majors happen more often than not. Other opportunities present themselves and make that player less valuable to an organization. Any number of scenarios can turn a once-untouchable player into a relative bust, or simply expendable. 

Impact of Full-Strength Dustin Pedroia Would Eclipse Sandoval, Ramirez Adds

Close your eyes, Boston Red Sox fans, and picture Dustin Pedroia. Not the guy who fought through injuries the last two seasons as his power plummeted, but the old Pedroia. The MVP Pedroia.


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