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Scary Line Drive off Carlos Carrasco's Face Shows Pitchers Will Never Be Safe

There's an epidemic-like problem facing pitchers in Major League Baseball, and this one has nothing to do with arms, elbows or shoulders.

3 Biggest Takeaways for the Los Angeles Dodgers Following MLB Opening Week

The Los Angeles Dodgers wrapped up Week 1 of the 2015 season with mixed results, splitting six games against fellow National League West opponents.

It was a roller-coaster ride of emotions, with several exciting moments peppered with the sobering reminders that some old wounds may still need tourniquets.

The sample size is undeniably small, but here are the three main takeaways from the first week of Dodger baseball.


3 Biggest Takeaways for the Cleveland Indians Following MLB Opening Week

It's only six games! It's such a small sample size! Don't care.

Well, I mean, I do care, but there's always something you can take away from a couple of games, or one game, or one at-bat even. So, that's what I'm going to do here with the first few games of the Cleveland Indians' 2015 season.

Yasiel Puig Says He's Going to Cut Down on Bat Flips, the Nation Mourns

In news that comes as a body blow to baseball and American sports at large, Yasiel Puig says he plans to cut back drastically on the trademark bat flips fans have come to know and love him for.

Marlins Pitcher Carter Capps Has Bizarre, Leaping Pitch Delivery

You’ll come across some weird sights if you head down to Marlins Park this spring.

There's rain falling indoors, but perhaps even stranger, a pitcher who leaps like a hunter-gatherer throwing a spear while hurling the ball over the plate.

New York Yankees' Biggest Storylines to Follow at the Start of 2015

The New York Yankees are always one of the most divisive teams in Major League Baseball. It's also true, though, that the 2015 season brings about one of their most divisive on-field products in recent memory.

As is true of any professional sports team, there's always a divide between what fans of that team feel their chances for success are and what fans of other teams feel. However, with the 2015 Yankees, it feels as though the predictions for this team range anywhere from a sub-.500 record to 90-plus wins.

Shane Greene Already Looking Like a Great Fit in the Tigers' Retooled Rotation

The Detroit Tigers possess no ordinary starting rotation. At least, not during their four-year postseason run that preceded this campaign. The likes of Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, David Price and Rick Porcello have combined to make them the most dominant group in the American League.

Scott Miller's Starting 9: Star Power, Rebuilt Rosters Make NL West Must-See TV

1. NL West: Change, Money and Bubble Gum

One week in, and you know what's more fun than Furious 7 meets Coachella?

The National League West.

Grab a fistful of Dubble Bubble, because that's the first checkpoint for a summer of bubble-blowing good times: Padres home opener Thursday, ninth inning, Giants center fielder Angel Pagan at the plate and suddenly he and San Diego catcher Derek Norris are jawing and must be separated.

Athletics Silencing Offseason Critics with New Lineup Additions Clicking Early

The critics came out in droves.

They slammed Billy Beane for dismantling a playoff team during the last offseason, and they questioned his commitment to keeping a winning team on the field since he jettisoned players like Josh Donaldson, Jeff Samardzija, Derek Norris and Brandon Moss for lesser returns. They even retroactively bashed his trading of Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester.

How Much Should Jon Lester's Slow Start to 2015 Worry the Chicago Cubs?

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, but nobody says you can't recover from making a bad first impression.

That's what the Chicago Cubs must be telling themselves about Jon Lester's bad first impression, anyway. And fortunately for them, their $155 million man should allow them to breathe easy before long.


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