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Key Takeaways from Week 3 of MLB Hot Stove Chatter

Not even Thanksgiving can stop the Hot Stove fires from burning. The rumor mill is back to spinning at full speed after taking a break for some turkey and stuffing, fueling speculation on multiple fronts. Some of it has been team-specific, while some has been more widespread.

We'll look at some of that speculation and try to read between the lines, bringing you the most notable takeaways from the Hot Stove League's third week of action.

Let's get started.


MLB Teams Already off on the Wrong Track Early in the Hot Stove Season

The MLB offseason is nearly a month old, and thus far, there hasn't been the overwhelming activity we saw at the same point last winter.

Despite it still being early, there are a few teams already headed toward failed offseasons. The New York Yankees, Miami Marlins and Cleveland Indians still have time to right their wrongs, but each organization is already behind the eight ball with the 2016 season on the horizon.

Aroldis Chapman's Value Remains Unchanged by the Craig Kimbrel Trade

Aroldis Chapman has created quite the market for himself.

Biggest Winners and Losers of the MLB Offseason's 1st Month

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but the Major League Baseball offseason is already one month old.

Or just about, anyway. Certainly, enough time has passed for us to look back and take stock of what's happened. What better way to do that than with a list of the biggest winners and losers of the offseason?

We're going to look at four of each, which range from players and teams that have done well to players and teams that haven't done well. And while this list won't really be a countdown of any sort, we can tease that the biggest loser of them all is an entire market.

Forget Harvey or Wheeler Trade, Mets Should Go for It in 2016 with Loaded Staff

The New York Mets have a surplus of arms, to put it mildly. They could dip into it to address their needs on offense. Or they could double down and defend their National League crown with a young, burgeoning super rotation.

Carlos Carrasco Is MLB Offseason Pitching Market's Best Value

Here's a rough estimate of how many talented starting pitchers are available this winter: like, a million. And for virtually all of them, the prices are pretty steep.

Save for one apparent exception. Let's just call him Carlos Carrasco.

Because, you know, that's his name.

David Price Is Perfect Facelift for Nationals' Failed 'Super Rotation'

Last winter, the Washington Nationals signed the best pitcher on the free-agent market and proceeded to have a massively disappointing season.

So what should they do this winter? Why, sign the best pitcher on the free-agent market, of course—a fellow by the name of David Price.

Here's where you raise your hand and mutter something about the definition of insanity. Fair enough. But let's think about this for a minute.

Dee Gordon Is Exciting Star Marlins Should Look to Extend, Build Around

The Miami Marlins do so many things wrong that it's easy to start believing they do everything wrong.

It's just not true.

Look at Dee Gordon. The Marlins made a great deal last December to get him from the Los Angeles Dodgers. If all goes well, maybe they can follow it up with a great deal this December to prove they want to keep Gordon long term.

MLB Trade Rumors: Analyzing Buzz on Robinson Cano, Jonathan Papelbon and More

The end of November is an interesting time in Major League Baseball, as it's a time when rumors begin to simmer heading into the winter meetings in two weeks. 

There will also be an overabundance of rumors that are either false or useless. Hearing that teams are "willing to listen" on a random player says nothing because a general manager will take a phone call about any player, even if there's no intention of moving that player. 

Yankees Need to Find a Middle Ground in Plan to Build a Title Contender

A few years back, a general manager of a limited-budget team shook his head while talking about the New York Yankees.

"Sometimes it seems like they're trying to operate like us," he said. "If we had their money, we wouldn't operate like us."


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