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Cincinnati Reds Rumors: Playing Fact or Fiction with the Latest Trade Chatter

The 2014 MLB trade deadline is just about a week away, so a lot of rumors will be swirling around. It's tough to figure out what is true and what is just smoke. It's still early, but the Cincinnati Reds have already been linked to a few players. 

Cincinnati doesn't have the payroll flexibility to make a major move unless it trades away a key player. At this point, the Reds are still in contention, so don't expect them to get rid of any important pieces.

Sergio Santos' Demotion the Latest in Reliever's Difficult Career with Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays designated reliever Sergio Santos for assignment on Monday, as reported by’s Gregor Chisholm (via

For Santos, this move was just the latest development during what has been a very frustrating career in Toronto.

MLB Trade Rumors: Rounding Up Buzz on Alex Rios, Yankees' Pitching Search, More

The New York Yankees have a bit of a problem.

So do the rest of the teams on the market, but the Yankees are perhaps the most notable thanks to the club's ability to remain relevant in the face of adversity.

As is the case with most of the teams looking to upgrade on the mound through free agency in the hopes of chasing a World Series, the Yankees don't have a ton of cost-effective options—especially with Cliff Lee's recent return to the mound being nothing short of a disaster.

MLB Rumors: Latest Trade Buzz on Jonathan Papelbon, Cole Hamels and More

With the MLB's July 31 non-waiver trade deadline quickly approaching, rumors and speculation have been running rampant regarding potential trades.

The most interesting ones involve pitchers who could potentially help the starting rotations and bullpens of contenders.

What the Boston Red Sox Should Do for 2014 MLB Trade Deadline

The 2014 MLB trade deadline is closing in. Some teams are putting together rosters to propel them into the postseason, while others are selling talent to stock up on prospects. 

The Boston Red Sox are currently toward the bottom of the AL East. Should the Sox trade away some of their biggest names and throw in the towel for 2014 or trade a few small pieces and hope for a late run? 

MLB Trade Rumors: Buzz on Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and More

That sound of button-mashing you hear from every direction is 30 Major League Baseball general managers making phone calls to see if they will be able to consummate a deal that will put their team on the path to a World Series. 

Trade deadline season is fascinating to watch because everyone behind the scenes, much like fans who have to hear the rampant speculation, are either going to be ecstatic or miserable based on what happens. 

Yankees Try to Catch Lightning in a Bottle with Chase Headley

Despite an injury-plagued first half of the season for the New York Yankees, the team is still very much in the American League East race, and it appears they will be buyers at this season's trade deadline.

Cliff Lee Concludes Interview with Loud Fart, Asks If Reporters Got It on Tape

If there are no more questions, Cliff Lee would like to end this interview on a wet, crinkly note. 

What the Atlanta Braves Should Do for the 2014 MLB Trade Deadline

The 2014 MLB trade deadline is closing in, and teams are scrambling to put together rosters that will keep them atop the standings and into the postseason.

The Atlanta Braves currently sit one game back from the Washington Nationals. What do the Braves have to do to take the lead in the NL East and have success in the postseason?

Bored Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez Videobomb Sideline Reporter

Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez were bored Monday night.

After a weekend of painful plunks to their respective left hands, the two Los Angeles Dodgers found themselves confined to the dugout for their away opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates.


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