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Dave Dombrowski Had His Flaws but Built 1 of Tigers' Best-Ever Eras

Dave Dombrowski and I were not always on the best of terms.

Early on in his time with the Detroit Tigers, one of his close aides basically stopped talking to me, telling me, "I don't think you've been fair to Dave." Later, another aide told me that Dombrowski had made it a fireable offense to be found talking to me.

As time went on, I think Dombrowski gained a little more respect for my work. I know I gained more respect for his.

Dave Dombrowski's Tigers Exit to Be Game-Changing Coup for Next MLB Team

The hottest free agent in baseball right now is not a guy who throws in the mid-90s or hits towering home runs. Rather, it's a guy who specializes in building winners.

His name is Dave Dombrowski, and he needs a job.

3 Moves Yankees Can Make to Combat Lack of Trade-Deadline Activity

The Yankees were uncharacteristically quiet as the non-waiver trade deadline came and went.

What moves can they still make to bolster their club?

Bleacher Report's Scott Miller joins Kay Adams to discuss the Yankees in the video above. 

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A.J. Pierzynski Frames Bouncer off the Dirt, Hits Game-Tying HR in Bottom of 9th

A.J. Pierzynski is roughly 45,000 years old. 

Has Tommy John Surgery Actually Made Jose Fernandez Better?

Jose Fernandez went into his Tommy John operation last May as one of baseball's elite pitchers. Coming out of the operation, however, it wasn't fair to expect him to pick up where he left off right away.

Instead, here we are a month into Fernandez's return in 2015, and the only thing to say is this: Whoa.

Scott Miller's Starting 9: Jays, Royals, Mets Full Steam Ahead After Deadline

1. Baseball's Newest Must-See Rivalry: Royals-Blue Jays 

The Jays and Royals played absolutely phenomenal baseball over three games before Sunday's contest turned into something right up Ronda Rousey's alley. Newcomers Troy Tulowitzki and Mark Lowe (Toronto) and Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist (Kansas City) were involved immediately, with Tulo doing Tulo things at the plate and Lowe being tagged with the loss on Saturday when he served up Zobrist's second home run of the game.

Have the LA Dodgers Done Enough to Capture Elusive World Series Title?

Two teams that haven't won the World Series in more than two decades went all in at the July 31 trade deadline.

One team with a $230 million payroll and a 27-year drought did not.

The Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays acted as if they were desperate to win this year. The Los Angeles Dodgers did not.

Fresh 2015 MLB Contenders and Pretenders Post-Trade Deadline

With MLB's non-waiver trade deadline having come and gone on July 31, it's finally here. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stretch run.

Which teams have the goods to make the most of it? Well, that's what we're here to discuss.

Yoenis Cespedes' Strong Early Impression Has New Met Looking Built for Broadway

When you were as bad at offense as the New York Mets were, any slight upgrade is not only noticeable, it is celebrated. 

That was the case when the team traded for Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson, players with limited offensive abilities but certainly no worse than what it already ran out there every day. But the next upgrade was major, and it looks to have completely transformed the Mets from a meek attack to one with the potential to be good.

Clayton Kershaw Reminding Major League Baseball He's Still Best There Is

You could call it a comeback.

Except Clayton Kershaw never went anywhere. 

The best pitcher on the planet still is and has been for most of this season. It's fair to say he hasn't been as good as he was a year ago, but you would just barely be correct in that assessment.


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