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Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers

Oh My God! That's Joe Nathan's Music!

I have a great idea that will never be implemented...ever. I want MLB closers to have professional wrestling entrances when they are called into the game. 

Imagine the fan fare as Enter Sandman blares through the new Yanks stadium and Mariano Rivera steps through a cloud of smoke.  Fireworks erupting around him and batters trembling. 

Furthermore, I want the closer's entrance to be secret. I want him to be warmed up in a private bullpen.  Then, as the middle reliever walks a batter, music fills the ballpark.

What I Expect: Dave Bush

Dave Bush must be a fan of roller-coasters. I say that because that has pretty much been the path his career has taken with the Milwaukee Brewers.

He has experienced some incredible highs, as well as some very crushing lows. Through it all, Bush has persevered, and has turned into a solid Major League pitcher.

Last season was a microcosm for Bush's three years with the Brewers. He started the season 0-3, and was sent down to Triple A for a cup of coffee before injuries forced the Brewers to recall him.

Brewers Starting Rotation Projections

I saw something this on TigerTales, so though I would try it out. The projections are shown in the table below of the projected starting rotation.

What I Expect: JJ Hardy

Perhaps no Brewers player was ready for Spring Training to start as much as JJ Hardy. Hardy's name was very popular in hot stove discussions over the winter. Many people wanted Hardy traded for young pitching.

Others wanted him to move over to third base to make room for top prospect Alcides Escobar at shortstop. In the end, he will be right where he belongs in 2009, playing shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Milwaukee Brewers: Five Things to Look Forward to in 2009

1. The Return of Yovani Gallardo

Who knows where the Brewers would have ended up in 2008 in Gallardo had been healthy. However, Gallardo missed most of the season with a torn ACL and did not return until late September.

In 2009, the Brewers will be depending on Gallardo to put up big numbers. The team no longer has the dynamic duo of CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets and the Brewers need Gallardo to show that he is indeed fit to become the Brewers new ace.


2. Prince Fielder


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