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Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays: Why Brett Lawrie Is the Toronto Blue Jays' X-Factor

One bad stretch of 10 games for the Toronto Blue Jays and all of a sudden it seems like the sky is falling in Toronto.

Admittedly, Toronto has played some awful baseball to start the 2013 season, but at 4-6, it's not as though Toronto has killed their preseason aspirations of reaching the playoffs for the first time in two decades.

Can Toronto Blue Jays Overcome Jose Reyes Injury After an Already Slow Start?

If you were already starting to get a little concerned about the current performance of the Toronto Blue Jays, things just got much worse today. 

Jose Reyes Ankle Injury: 3 Possible Replacements If Injury Is Long-Term

The Toronto Blue Jays’ hopes for a postseason run in 2013 appeared to take a major hit Friday night when shortstop Jose Reyes left the game with an apparently serious ankle injury. As team officials wait to find out the extent of his situation, they should start considering possible replacements if it turns out to be a long-term absence.

Jose Reyes Leg Injury: Does This Ruin Blue Jays Chances of a Postseason Berth?

The Toronto Blue Jays pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Miami Marlins this offseason in the hopes that the players acquired would help lead them to their first postseason berth since 1993.

Those hopes may have taken a severe blow on Friday night.

Jose Reyes Injury: Updates on Blue Jays Star's Ankle

Toronto Blue Jays sparkplug Jose Reyes is headed to the DL. The All-Star shortstop was carted off the diamond after sustaining an apparent ankle injury when he slid into second base against the Kansas City Royals.


UPDATE: Saturday, April 13 at 9:05 a.m. ET by Tim Daniels

Each Toronto Blue Jays Starting Player's Biggest Strength

As many of us know, the Toronto Blue Jays have lofty expectations this season. Whether it be from the odds in Vegas to the chatter around the league to the success-starved fans, everyone agrees that the Blue Jays should make the playoffs this season.

With many fair-weather fans joining the fray in Toronto, it would help to give them a little more information about the team, especially regarding the new players on the squad.

Toronto Blue Jays: What Would Be a Successful Season?

The Toronto Blue Jays finally get their much-anticipated season rolling today against the Cleveland Indians. And with that, the scrutiny will begin on whether or not drastically revamping the roster will result in a playoff spot.

Toronto Blue Jays: Projecting the Stats for All of the Jays Offseason Additions

Three days.

That's all the time that remains between now and opening day for the Toronto Blue Jays.

And with all the wheeling and dealing that was done this past offseason by GM Alex Anthopoulos, the 2013 edition of the Blue Jays barely looks anything like the 2012 team that took the field day-in, day-out.

With significant changes made to the team's starting rotation, starting infield, starting outfield, as well as bullpen, the Jays are almost a brand new team, ready to compete.

Toronto Blue Jays: 5 Biggest Spring Training Busts of 2013

It really depends on who you talk to when the topic is Spring Training.

Many believe that it means nothing. Many believe it can be a sign of things to come.

Many believe that they don't know what to believe.

Spring training to me is completely unique to the player. There are some players who always struggle in spring training only to come out and have a great year. For example, Tim Lincecum has a career 5.59 spring training ERA.


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