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Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays: 5 Biggest Spring Training Busts of 2013

It really depends on who you talk to when the topic is Spring Training.

Many believe that it means nothing. Many believe it can be a sign of things to come.

Many believe that they don't know what to believe.

Spring training to me is completely unique to the player. There are some players who always struggle in spring training only to come out and have a great year. For example, Tim Lincecum has a career 5.59 spring training ERA.

Toronto Blue Jays: Final Predictions for Every Spring Training Position Battle

The Toronto Blue Jays have some of the biggest question marks in regard to positional battles. With such an influx of talent, many opening day jobs are up for grabs. But with such a vast amount of assets, it will be tough to sit a very skilled player. As my father would always say, "It is a good problem to have".

So who gets the nod?

Toronto Blue Jays' Top 10 Prospects Rankings, Spring Forecasts

Had it not been for a pair blockbuster trades with the Miami Marlins and New York Mets this offseason, the Blue Jays could have possessed five consensus top-100 prospects in Travis d’Arnaud, Aaron Sanchez, Jake Marisnick, Noah Syndergaard and Justin Nicolino.

Why the Toronto Blue Jays Do Not Need to Sign Josh Johnson Long Term

The Toronto Blue Jays have done a tremendous job remodeling their team into a playoff contender during the offseason.

No. Make that a World Series contender.

I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but the odds makers in Las Vegas have them pegged as the clear favorites.

Blue Jays Fans Need to Be Realistic About Postseason Aspirations

While the level of excitement in Toronto about baseball has not been this high since the World Series runs of 1992 and 1993, the level of expectation is considerably high. For close to two decades, franchises like the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Dodgers continuously had very high payrolls with no championship to show for it.

Toronto Blue Jays 2013: How the Jays Match Up Against Top AL Contenders

The Toronto Blue Jays are officially part of the discussion. 

The American League is crowded with top-level teams, and now the Blue Jays have to be included in that list. After adding two Cy Young-talented pitchers in R.A. Dickey and Josh Johnson, an above-average inning eater in Mark Buehrle and adding talent at the top of their lineup in Jose Reyes and Melky Cabrera, the Jays are a legitimate threat. 

Toronto Blue Jays: Does R.A. Dickey Give the Jays the Best Rotation in the AL?

What a long way the Toronto Blue Jays starting rotation has come this offseason.

Three fifths of the projected rotation for 2013 has been acquired via trade.

Toronto Blue Jays: Who Will Emerge as the Second Baseman?

It’s been a long time since Roberto Alomar manned second base for the Toronto Blue Jays, and boy do they miss him. What was once a point of strength and consistency for the ballclub has become a revolving cast of players.

Toronto Blue Jays: The Jays' Most Underrated Acquisitions This Offseason

The 2012/2013 offseason has seen the Toronto Blue Jays completely overhaul their roster.

Trades with the Marlins and Mets have added three new starters, a new shortstop, a new second baseman and a merry-go-round of catchers. 

Hidden amongst the big names like Dickey, Johnson, Reyes and Buehrle are a few additions that fans and critics have glossed over. Mark Buehrle is still massively underrated in at least one blogger's opinion, but you can only say "guaranteed 200+ innings" so many times. 

Toronto Blue Jays: Possible Weaknesses Going into 2013

The Toronto Blue Jays are well on their way to a successful 2013 campaign.

At least, that's what the unbiased Vegas ratings are saying, honoring the Blue Jays as 8-1 favorites to bring the World Series back north of the border. 

General Manager Alex Anthopoulos has been pressured for years to make a significant move to bolster the team's chances.


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