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Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays' Injuries Have Prevented Team from Finding Hitting Rhythm

The Toronto Blue Jays started off the year with their named closer Frank Francisco and their second starter Brandon Morrow on the DL. After that came their recently acquired centre fielder Rajai Davis, who went down with a leg injury. Aaron Hill, their second baseman, was working through a hamstring injury in spring training and then re-injured it stealing a base.

Toronto Blue Jays: Dwayne Murphy's Hitting Strategy Ruining the Jays' Hitters?

Sitting at a cool 9-11 record, the Toronto Blue Jays have started out fairly well this season, despite a very difficult schedule, injuries, and lastly, an infusion of young talent into a relatively unsettled lineup.

With that young lineup and changeover on the Jays roster, there is bound to be some bumpy parts of the road right?

Grounded Birds: Brandon Morrow Returns to Struggling Blue Jays

The youngest starting rotation in baseball is getting one of its senior citizens back tomorrow when 26-year-old Brandon Morrow returns for the Toronto Blue Jays' matchup against the Tampa Bay Rays.

His return from the disabled list could not come at a better time.

MLB Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Angels' Brandon Wood to Toronto Blue Jays?

With news that the Los Angeles Angels have designated Brandon Wood for assignment earlier this week, the rumors regarding possible trade destinations have started to emerge.

According to John Paul Morosi of FOX Sports, Toronto could be a potential landing spot.

"The Toronto Blue Jays expressed interest in trading for infielder Brandon Wood as recently as this offseason, sources say.

Toronto Blue Jays: Manager John Farrell Creates "Uncomfortable Offense"

When John Farrell was hired to manage the Toronto Blue Jays, he knew that he wanted to change the way the team played.

Brett Cecil Has His Work Cut out for Him Against the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are indeed struggling, but their matchup on Friday against Brett Cecil could be exactly what they are looking for. 

Brett Cecil, the Jays’ team leader in wins last year with 15, is a major cog in the “Hustle and Heart” campaign the club is running with, yet Cecil is struggling mightily with no explanation as to why. 

Carlos Delgado: Future Hall-of-Famer Officially Calls It a Career

Yes, Manny Ramirez announced his retirement over the weekend.

But Wednesday, another slugger officially announced his career was over—Carlos Delgado. reported that Delgado announced his retirement at a news conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Aaron Hill Generating Very Little for Toronto Blue Jays

One week into the regular season, and Aaron Hill’s numbers are on the egregious side; .259 SLG (ranks 302), and .207 OBP (ranks 350). 

Given that it is early, and granted he was a little behind his teammates in spring training due to injuries, those numbers are still an area of concern. 

With what Hill produced last season, a definite improvement is needed when considering Brett Lawrie is waiting in the wings in Las Vegas. 

Toronto Blue Jays: Surprising AL East Start Puts Them in Good Position for April

It has proved to be an interesting beginning for the AL East, with the Baltimore Orioles currently sitting at the top of the standings.  The Orioles have come out hitting with their newly improved batting lineup, and pitching surprisingly well with a rotation that was projected as the worst in the AL East.

It is, of course, only the first week of the season, but winning and losing streaks are important no matter when they happen.

Toronto Blue Jays: Alex Anthopoulos' Youth, Prime Time Ready!

The city of Toronto, from a sports perspective, has been swimming through quicksand for a long time.

General mangers of the city's major sports teams have tried to put together teams that will contend or at least make a playoff appearance. Evidently, they’ve been coming up short.


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