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Cleveland's Chief Wahoo Controversy: Time for Tribe To Move On?

Where do we draw the line?

How do we decide when people are being too easily offended or when someone is being too offensive?

With Major League Baseball's decision to replace Cleveland's July 4th hats last year (pictured above) with a star-spangled "C," it brings to light once more the whole issue with the Indians and their mascot.

So Long, Craig Breslow

Craig Breslow might have been the best move for the Minnesota Twins last season; Bill Smith gave up nothing for the lefty when he claimed him off waivers, and the Twins received 42 outings and a 1.92 ERA to help stabilize a tremendously inconsistent bullpen.

With the strong numbers, the Twins were comfortable enough to move forward without lefty Dennys Reyes, and the Twins allowed him to move on this past off-season. Breslow had put up solid numbers, and if everything would have gone according to plan, he would have been the lefty specialist in '09 and possibly beyond.

D-Train Almost Flawless in Detroit Debut

While most of Detroit's eyes were on the Red Wings-Blackhawks Western Conference Finals game, there was another significant event within a mile of Joe Louis Arena.

A moment many Tiger fans thought they would never see occurred Tuesday night when Dontrelle Willis picked up his first win in a Detroit uniform, shutting out the Texas Rangers through 6-1/3 innings in their 4-0 victory.

Kansas City Royals: In-Game Musings of a Madman

All Times CDT (eat it, East and West Coasters)

7:05 pm—Well, I'm going to try this out to see how it goes. Seeing as though my DVR makes me a demigod, I'll be able to rewind anything I miss while typing. This by no means will be an everyday thing. An undertaking of that enormity would be my undoing. The Royals have taken over my life enough as it stands.

7:09 pm—I've gotta say, Brian Bannister's goatee is getting more and more formidable. If that goatee were an actor from yore, it'd be Lee Marvin.

Chicago White Sox: An Action Plan for GM Kenny Williams

The Chicago White Sox are playing really bad baseball right now.

Their offense is as bad as it gets in the majors right now. As a team, they rank 26th in baseball in batting average (.246), on-base percentage (.315) and slugging (.391). They rank 27th in runs scored (136) and total hits (303). Through 37 games, they've been held to two or fewer runs 15 times. They have been shut out six times.

There is only one player on the entire roster, no matter the number of at bats, that is hitting over .300 (Paul Konerko, .316).

The Future Is a Better Gift Than The Present For The Chicago White Sox

You do not win with a mixture of inexperience, awful starting pitching and extremely old baseball players.  It just does not work.  Lucky for the White Sox, they have the possibility of a bright future, but the present is going to be hard to put in the past.

Bon Voyage, Juan Rincon

In a move that surprised no one, Detroit Tigers' veteran relief pitcher Juan Rincon elected to become a free agent over accepting a demotion to Triple-A Toledo.

Detroit loses the right-handed reliever they spent $750,000 to get on January 20.

For the Tigers, he went 1-0 with a 5.23 ERA in 10.1 innings, but was replaced when Dontrelle Willis returned from an anxiety disorder a week ago.

The effectiveness of youngsters Joel Zumaya and Ryan Perry lessened Rincon's standing in Detroit's bullpen.

Rays Take Three of Four From Tribe For the First Time

Iwamura slides past Martinez for the winning run. (AP Photo/Reinhold Matay)

Iwamura slides past Martinez for the winning run. (AP Photo/Reinhold Matay)

Time to Talk About Something Really Important

This may be…skip that, IS DEFINITELY the most important blog I will write all season.

The Royals are considering bringing back Halter Top Night.

Now, if you were a Royals fan during the seventies, you know that Halter Top Night was both a consistent sellout and a feast for the eyes that was unmatched.  I personally do not find it a coincidence that the absence of Halter Top Night and postseason play have run together.  Now, as loyal Royals fans, we have an opportunity to bring it back.

Game 36: Indians 11, Rays 7

The Tribe bashed the Rays staff for 18 hits. (AP Photo/Chris OMeara)

The Tribe bashed the Rays staff for 18 hits. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)


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