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Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers Still American League Favorites Without Max Scherzer

The Detroit Tigers have lost their ace. Mr. Scherzer is going to Washington, where he’ll reportedly earn a massive amount of cash, per Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, pitching alongside the likes of Stephen Strasburg and fellow former Tiger Doug Fister.

Should We Start Dropping Expectations for Miguel Cabrera's 2015 Ceiling?

For Detroit Tigers fans, it was the tweet heard 'round the world, courtesy of Miguel Cabrera:

David Price, Tigers Agree on New Contract: Latest Details, Reaction

The Detroit Tigers reached a settlement agreement on a one-year deal with ace David Price on Friday, avoiding salary arbitration in the process. The starting pitcher will make just shy of $20 million in 2015.

Biggest Winners and Losers from Detroit Tigers' Offseason

The Detroit Tigers have had yet another frenzied offseason. They didn’t waste any time getting started—within a few weeks of the season ending, Victor Martinez was re-signed, and they had picked up Joakim Soria’s option.

This early activity set the tone for the weeks to come. Other noteworthy additions included Yoenis Cespedes and Alfredo Simon, while Rick Porcello and Torii Hunter were among the significant departures.

Detroit Tigers' Top 10 Prospects for 2015

The Detroit Tigers have spent the last few years putting all their resources into the MLB club and ignoring the farm system. Therefore, while they’re winning at the highest level, the organization’s lack of impact talent and depth on the farm puts a lot of pressure on its big league roster to stay healthy. 

Is Re-Signing Max Scherzer Just a Luxury, or Crucial Need for Tigers?

It's still hard to tell where Max Scherzer is going to sign, but logic says that he'll end up signing with the team that simply has to have him.

According to the latest report, that team is the Detroit Tigers. And if we once again ask our pal logic, it says said report might be right.

Why the Detroit Tigers Should Trade Joakim Soria

Joakim Soria had a forgettable time with the Detroit Tigers last season. After being shipped over in a trade from Texas he pitched poorly in the regular season (4.91 ERA), and even worse in the postseason (0-1, 45.00 ERA in two games).

Detroit Tigers: Youth Will Be Key to Improving Offense and Winning in 2015

The Detroit Tigers are one of the most star-studded teams in baseball, specifically on offense. From Miguel Cabrera to Victor Martinez to Ian Kinsler to Yoenis Cespedes, there are plenty of high-profile names in the Detroit clubhouse.

3 Detroit Tigers New Year's Resolutions

Another unsuccessful bid for a World Series title in 2014 has again prompted an offseason of introspection for the Detroit Tigers. Tweaking their talented—albeit flawedteams has kept them highly active on the hot stove in recent years. This winter has been no different.

Here's a reminder of what’s happened so far:

Detroit Tigers: If Rick Porcello Is Dealt, Tigers Need Max Return, Viable Trades

Last offseason, the Detroit Tigers traded away Doug Fister. This time around, Rick Porcello could be the one to go.


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