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AL East

AL East

Could a Poor Red Sox Season Have Long-Term Financial Effects on the Franchise?

For Red Sox fans, there weren’t too many things to cheer about in the month of April.

The team got off to a horrendous start, plagued by a surprising lack of pitching and a not so surprising lack of offensive punch.

David Ortiz is once again showing himself to be “Big Pop-up” as opposed to “Big Papi,” and the offseason acquisitions of Marco Scutaro, Adrian Beltre, and Mike Cameron have provided minimal run production.

Boston Red Sox Providing Little Reason to Remain Hopeful

J.D. Drew hit a home run Sunday afternoon.

While I'd usually make some sort of snarky comment about how difficult it is to hit balls out of the park without the use of a human heart, that turn of events this time instead brought home the reality of how upside down this season has been so far in Boston.

J.D. Drew has been the Red Sox's most durable outfielder.

Trading Javier Vazquez to the New York Mets Would Make Sense for the Yankees

So far in 2010, it's pretty safe to say that Javier Vazquez stinks for the Yankees.

He hasn't just been bad. He's been horrific—so horrific that every time he departs from Yankee Stadium, he gets by far the loudest boos of the team.

In his first five starts back with the team, he is 1-3 with a 9.78 ERA.

His longest outing thus far has been 5.2 innings. His innings totals aren't that high, but his hits, runs, walks, and ERA are extremely high.

Derek Jeter Becomes MLB's New Active Hits Leader

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter reached another milestone this past weekend and did so quietly.

Not much mention was made of baseball's poster boy after he took over the active hits lead.

As of today, Jeter has 2,781 hits and has overtaken Ken Griffey Jr. for the active lead. Griffey has 2,776 as I write this.

It is quite a feat for Jeter to already catch "Junior." Griffey already had over 1,000 hits by the time Jeter came to the Majors.

Toronto Blue Jays and Twitter Look To Reverse Fortunes

It is no surprise that 2010 is a going to be a struggle for the Jays. It is also no surprise that attendance is at an all-time low.

Alex Anthopolous made changes during the offseason that ultimately set the tone for this year, and more than likely the next two as well; rebuilding.

When fans hear the word rebuild, success is years away, and in a city where attendance has struggled to climb the ranks as results of intermediate play, it gives you an idea about where the club's focus is—rekindling the fan's interest with a young, successful product.

No Returns: Yankees Stuck with Javier Vazquez, Nick Johnson

If Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman purchased Nick Johnson and Javier Vazquez at a department store, he would be frantically searching for his receipt right now. Sorry, no returns.


Daisuke Matsuzaka Struggles in Debut, Baltimore Orioles Beat Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka , whom I consider to be trade bait for 20 cents on the dollar, made his season debut against the Baltimore Orioles and confirmed my harsh feelings towards him.

Cliff Lee's Agent Tells ESPN He Expects the Mariners Lefty To Be a Free Agent

Buster Olney of ESPN spoke with the agent for Seattle Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee last night about the southpaw’s future plans, and apparently signing a contract extension with the M’s is not in it.

“We’re five months away from free agency,” said Braunecker, “so I think that’s the most likely scenario at this point.”

“We’ve not really had any significant discussions with Seattle. I wouldn’t anticipate a deal [with the Mariners].”

Quotes: Javier Vazquez Not a Big Game Pitcher

Last night my dad called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the Yankee game with him on Sunday. I told him I had plans for Sunday and asked him why we didn’t just go Saturday (today) instead. I was promptly told, no and reminded that Javier Vazquez is pitching today which meant that he didn’t want to go. “With so many good pitchers on the staff I’d rather wait and go see somebody better,” my dad said.

Who is 'Die Hard'-est?

I have no problem proclaiming to the world that I’m a huge nerd, so it’s no surprise that I really like infographics. 

For those of you unfamiliar with what an infographic (or information graphic) is, according to Wikipedia it is a “visual representation of information, data or knowledge.”  Also known as interesting info portrayed in a cool way.


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