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AL East

AL East

Yankees Likely Stuck With A.J. Burnett in Playoff Rotation

Last season, the New York Yankees were able to ride through the playoffs with a three-man rotation. This year's staff is not built for that. The Yankees will likely need a regular four-starter rotation when the playoffs begin.

I Am the George Steinbrenner Plaque (Satire)

I am the George Steinbrenner Plaque.

I am 760 pounds of solid bronze living in my new digs in Monument Park.  I’m seven feet wide, wider than CC Sabathia is tall. And I’m five feet tall, taller than CC Sabathia is wide.

Jose Bautista Joins 50-Home Run Club: Ranking All 42 50-Homer Seasons

When the player's strike of 1994-95 ended, Major League Baseball began its 120th season of play. In the first 119 years, 50 home runs was a nearly unreachable plateau, reserved for the game's true elite: It had been done only 18 times, by 11 players. Cecil Fielder had last reached the lofty mark, in 1990. Before him, no player had smashed 50 since George Foster in 1977.

A.J. Burnett Has Disastrous Performance in Toronto

The Yankees magic number was down to one, but they never really had a chance to clinch last night thanks to an absolutely terrible performance from starter A.J. Burnett, who couldn’t even last three innings as he gave up seven runs over 2.1 innings in a 7-5 loss in Toronto.

Here are some highlights:

David Price and 10 Reasons the Tampa Bay Rays Are Biggest Threat To Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are the hottest playoff team in baseball right now, sporting the MLB's best record at 94-63. They are 8-2 in their last 10 games and recently had an 11-game winning streak. They are playing outstanding baseball and look to be in postseason form, and have also clinched their fourth consecutive NL East title.

With the Phillies playing this well, can they be stopped? They have been to the past two World Series, and won it all in 2008. It will take a lot for a team to stop the Phillies once the postseason starts.

David Price Is Right: Lack of Rays Fan Support Embarassing

Last night, David Price tweeted about the lack of fan support in Tampa Bay, noting that the fact that he was pitching a potentially division-clinching game in front of 10,000 fans was "embarrassing".

The backlash from Rays fans was inevitable.  Less than two hours later, Price apologized on Twitter if he offended anyone.

Boston Red Sox: The Top Five Moves They Need To Make This Winter

The Boston Red Sox are for all intents and purposes finished with their 2010 season. It has been a long and tough campaign which saw them virtually eliminated by their own inability to stay on the field.

Too many key injuries will derail any team let alone a team faced with a game of musical chairs with Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees.

The Red Sox still retain a solid core of players and with the chance that Tampa Bay may not be able to afford some its talent with expiring contracts, those Red Sox fans already moving onto the 2011 season have a few reasons to smile.

Sayonara! Five New York Yankees That Will Be Gone By Next Year

So many marvelous players have been on the Yankees.

This season is different.

Yes, New York has the lovable Core Four. However, there have been some absolute monstrosities this season, and I am convinced that these following five players will not return.

Keep in mind this is not a bashing of the Yankees. I am one of the biggest Yankee fans ever. Yet, there are some players who have been robbing the team, and they have to be clarified.

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Yankees' Potent Offense Might Lower C.C. Sabathia's ERA

“There are three kinds of lies,” the age-old adage goes, “lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

While Sabathia’s poor outing (5.1, 10-7) against the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday night probably put an end to his AL Cy Young Award aspirations, the Hernandez vs. Sabathia debate was certainly a fascinating one while it lasted. What it all seemed to boil down to which statistic is more important: Felix Hernandez’ 2.31 ERA or C.C. Sabathia’s 20 wins?

Mariano Rivera Is Still the Sandman For the Yankees

Mariano Rivera has been as consistent a player as any in professional sports. His prowess in the playoffs is simply unmatched by all challengers. While every year there seems to be a hot new closer that everyone is in love with, the New York Yankees' not-so-secret weapon has been terrorizing opposing hitters for years.


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