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AL East

AL East

New York Yankees Back in First After 8-7 Win Over Rays!

The Yankees overcame a seven-run fifth inning, battled back to beat the Tampa Bay Rays 8-7 in 10 innings, and regained first place in the AL East.

Boston Red Sox Roster: Southpaw Dustin Richardson Worthy of 2011 Bullpen Spot

Many might contend it's a bit early to start dissecting the dynamics of the Red Sox' 2011 bullpen, but with Boston all but eliminated from playoff contention, the Nation needs something positive to even begin keeping the faith through an extended offseason.

MLB Trade Rumors: Five Top-Flight Pitchers On Trade Market This Winter

For several years now, it has been Major League Baseball tradition that cash-strapped teams shop one or more of their best players during the annual Winter Meetings. Lately, the biggest deals have been for elite pitchers: The Oakland Athletics traded Dan Haren to the Arizona Diamondbacks in December 2007--a deal that included current stars in pitcher Brett Anderson and outfielder Carlos Gonzalez--and the dominoes have fallen each winter since. 

MLB: Second-Place New York Yankees Fall To First-Place Rays

Fourth devastating outcome in a row for the New York Yankees, third walk-off loss, and no longer do they hold the best record in baseball.

That honor now belongs to the Tampa Bay Rays, who take a half-game lead in the AL East standings.

The Yankees just can’t seem to catch a break, as things just keep getting worse.

Monday's pitching match-up of CC Sabathia vs. David Price lived-up to all the hype. Both leading Cy Young Award candidates, who equally proved why on the mound.

New York Yankees: Losing Seven of Eight Is Not the End of the World

With a 1-0 loss to Tampa Bay, the Yankees dropped out of first place for the first time since August 3.  They've lost seven of their past eight games, three via the walk-off.  No one player has been entirely blameless during the stretch and many players have played poorly, or not at all.

Tampa Bay Rays Take AL East Lead from New York Yankees behind Brignac's Blast

Baseball’s best hitters have hit this season, and thousands of runs have been scored, but this has undeniably been the Year of the Pitcher.

Yankees-Rays: Joe Girardi Lies When Saying Winning the Division Is Important

Before the Yankees' painful 1-0 loss to the Rays in 11 innings on Monday night, Manager Joe Girardi told that "the division is important because everyone wants their home fans behind them as long as you can. We had it last year and it worked out very well for us. It's important to us."

He was obviously not telling the truth.

CC Sabathia vs. David Price: A Close Cy Young Race Just Got Tighter

While the rest of the sports' world was watching a sloppy Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens or perhaps watching the U.S. Open Final, MLB diehards watched as New York Yankees' C.C. Sabathia and Tampa Bay Rays' David Price dueled it out at Tropicana Field.

If you missed it, you missed one gem which produced post-season like excitement but no answer to who the AL-Cy Young front runner.

New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays Live Blog: CC Sabathia, David Price Showdown

It doesn't get any better than this. 

A 19 game winner. 

A 17 game winner. 

The best two teams in baseball. 

Did I forget to mention they play in the same division? 

What about the part that they are only 1/2 of a game apart for the division lead? 

What about the historical significance that no two teams have had this many wins and been this neck-and-neck for a division race in MLB's 100 plus year history?

Derek Jeter: The Curious Downfall

When you glance at Derek Jeter’s .261 batting average in 2010, the first thing you ask yourself is: Do I need glasses.


Because, barring an extremely unprecedented surge, Jeter is on pace to hit below .300 for the first time  since 2002. More concerning, it will be his lowest batting average since 1995, his first season, when he played just 15 games.

So what is it? What is happening to the Captain?


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