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AL East

AL East

Daniel Nava: Indy MVP And GBL Star Makes Boston Red Sox History

The Golden Baseball League seems to have this habit of generating headlines in a sport dominated by A-Rod, Derek Jeter, and the New York Yankees.

On Saturday afternoon, during the Fox Saturday Game of the Week, the Boston Red Sox were playing host to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Nothing out of the ordinary, except that the Phillies are in dangerous team slump where hitting and pitching have seemingly affected everyone.

Daniel Nava: From Chico Outlaws to Boston Red Sox

Daniel Nava became only the third player since 1898 to hit a grand slam in his first major league at bat. It is so rare that nobody hit a grand slam in their first major league at bat during the 20th century.


His second inning grand slam was part of a five-run second inning by the Red Sox. They eventually won the game 10-2 over the Phillies after having defeated them 12-2 the night before.

Daniel Nava Wastes No Time in Boston Red Sox Debut, Powers Team Past Phillies

What happened at Fenway Park today exemplifies why baseball is the best sport there is. Yankee fans wouldn’t have enjoyed what took place, but anyone else with any brain capacity at all with a love for baseball and great stories would appreciate what Daniel Nava did.

6/12 Minor League Report

Jason Hammel Dazzles Blue Jays in Rockies' 1-0 victory

Jason Hammel has figured out the winning formula when the offense doesn't score many runs. That formula? Don't allow the opponents any runs.

Hammel, battling the ugly weather, looked less like a fifth starter and more like a guy who any team would love to have in the second or third spot in their rotation.

The righty went eight shutout innings on Saturday. He gave up three hits and three walks while striking out six.

AL East Getting Back to Normal

The American League East had looked a bit strange for much of the beginning of the 2010 baseball season. The Tampa Bay Rays have been on top since the start. At many points, they've had a significant lead over the rest of the division. That has since changed.

The Toronto Blue Jays had been rolling early on and making everyone believe the division would be a four-team race. That has since changed.

The New York Yankees were right there with the Blue Jays and kept battling between second and third place.

Philadelphia Phillies Again Embarrassed By Red Sox in Boston

It just doesn't seem like the Phillies are ever going to get back on track, does it?

Even earlier this season, it wasn't a big deal if the Phillies fell behind because we all knew the bats would get going and they'd find a way to pull it out.

Has Javier Vazquez Finally Figured It Out With the Yankees?

I think a lot of us owe Javier Vazquez a big time apology. Especially me.

In April and early May, I basically had all but packed his bags and tried to ship him back to the National League.

I did a popular feature story on how Vazquez would easily fit in with the Mets. A lot of you agreed with the story and some disagreed with it.

Some who disagreed thought I needed to give Vazquez a chance to find his rhythm and I thought at the time, you all needed your head examined because at the time, Vazquez sucked.

Now, it's a complete 180 degrees and I was wrong.

MLB Rumor Mill: Roy Oswalt To the Yankees or Nationals, and More

Hello and welcome to today's MLB Rumor Mill!

I haven't done a rumor mill for Major League Baseball in a couple of days, so now here is one today!

Is there a possibility that Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt could go to the New York Yankees or Washington Nationals? It could be possible.

More on that and other rumors on today's rumor mill for the MLB!

So sit back, relax, and read today's MLB rumor mill.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Go Go Gadget: Boston Red Sox Power Offense Shocking the World

All the talk before the season started was that the Red Sox pitching would have to be fantastic in order for the Red Sox to win a title. The talk at the end of May was that the Red Sox needed to trade David Ortiz. Both of these have been disproven since, as the Red Sox enter the middle of June with one of the best offenses in the league.

Here are the numbers.


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