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AL East

AL East

NY Yankees: Nova, Vazquez, Gaudin, Mitre, Moseley Fight for Two Playoff Spots

Via Jack Curry's Twitter:

Yanks expect 11 pitchers for DS. CC, AJ, Andy, Phil, Mo, Wood, Joba, Logan, Rbrtsn r locks. Nova, Vazquez, Gaudin, Mitre fight 4 2 spots.

The Boston Red Sox Cannot Give Up Yet

This is going to kill me because I am a die-hard New York Yankees fan, but in the pessimistic would that I live in, I can see the Yankees blowing it with ten games remaining and two big series coming up with their arch rival Boston Red Sox.

Kevin Long Appreciation: The Lance Berkman Edition

At age 34, Lance Berkman has started to feel his age this season as he has dealt with a few nagging injuries that have dragged his numbers down. His season in Houston was up and down and the first two weeks in the Bronx were just ugly.

Berkman went on the DL in the middle of August, and before he came off the DL he started working with Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long in order to hit the ground running as soon as he was activated.

It's Pitching Match-Up Deja Vu: Yankees-Rays And A Pair Of Aces

The New York Yankees lost the third game to the Tampa Bay Rays Wednesday night, with a final score of 7-2.

The Yankees lead this four-game set, 2-1, with a goal to win the final and take the series.

The Rays' best, and only shot is to spilt the series, creeping up on the AL East leading Yankees to just a half-game.

Clearly with nine games remaining after this series wraps up, nothing is set in stone in the AL East.

New York Yankees: Rain and Rays Stop Yankees, Lead Down To 1.5 Games

The rain knocked A.J. Burnett out of the game and the Yankees B-squad bullpen let them down as they lost at home 7-2 to the Tampa Bay Rays to drop to just 1.5 games up in first place.

Here are some highlights:

Tampa Bay Rays-Cession: Four Rookies to Watch As Payroll Cuts Are Announced

There is a saying that bad news doesn't get better with time. However, announcing plans to cut payroll while your team is in the middle of a division race can't be a good idea.

That's exactly what Tampa Bay Rays owner Stu Sternberg did when he announced that even if the Rays win the World Series payroll will be cut in 2011. The current estimate is that the Rays will cut this year's $72 million payroll by $15-20 million.

2010 Cy Young Award: CC Sabathia Is Not Deserving

The 2010 Cy Young conversation had been a fascinating debate. It had raised questions about how to determine if a pitcher is successful, and the value of certain statistics. 

But, unlike other years, the 2010 debate has recently become quite a silly argument as the season comes to a close.

New York Yankees: Four Days, Three Wins, One Surreal Goodbye and They're Hot

Who’s the hottest team in MLB right now?


The answer is the New York Yankees.


Anyone who tells you otherwise is a Yankee-hater, because you either bleed pinstripes or you burn them. It is that simple.


Analyzing Phil Hughes' Changeup

This past spring the Yankees held a competition for their fifth starter spot that included pitchers Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain, among others. Hughes won the job.

Jose Bautista Is a Problem Toronto Blue Jays Opponents Will Find Hard To Solve

Jose Bautista used to be a problem for the home team, when that team was the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But now that he has found his stride, or rather his bat, in Toronto, it's now his opponents that are wondering if they have a problem.

He's looking at 50 or more home runs this year. This seems like a "high water mark," at least for now, but even if he regresses to say, 30 to 35, he will still be a dangerous long ball hitter.


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