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AL East

AL East

Power Surge: Boston Red Sox Squeak By Baltimore Orioles

After a dismal start to the 2010 MLB season, fortunes are starting to turn for the boys of summer in Beantown. With a come-from-behind win over the bottom-dwelling Orioles, the Red Sox have been able to rattle off four wins in their last five outings, quickly approaching the .500 mark for the young season.

So far, nothing has been easy for the Red Sox. Starting the season against the defending world champion New York Yankees, along with the difficult Tampa Bay Rays and a much improved Minnesota Twins, things have not gone the way Sox fans have come to expect.

Adeiny Hechavarria Signing Official: Taking a Look at the Blue Jays' 2013 Roster

With Adeiny Hechavarria being signed to the largest contract every given out by the Toronto Blue Jays to an international player ($10 million over four years), the Jays finally have hope that their shortstop carousel may be slowing down.

Hechavarria figures to be both a stolen bases threat and a leadoff staple for the next decade; however, I can't find anything about the kid other than really basic scouting reports and the fact that he had a .262 average last year on the Cuban National Team.

David Wells Rips A-Rod Over Dallas Braden Incident

I’m going to keep this short because I’m with Alex Rodriguez ; this is really just a funny incident and it’s really not a big deal.

Park's Hamstring Slow to Recover

When Chan Ho Park landed on the disabled list with a sprained hamstring the Yankees hoped it would be a short stint for the reliever who has quickly become a valuable member of the bullpen, but

Boston Red Sox Franchise Value Very Healthy Despite Recession

Eighteen months ago, the NY times announced that it was actively shopping its stake in New England Sports Ventures, which owns the Red Sox, NESN, Fenway Park, and other real estate holdings. It said it was selling its 17.5 percent stake in NESV in an effort to raise cash and shield the paper from the rapidly-developing revenue squeeze that hit the newspaper industry in the wake of the recession.

Baltimore Orioles Rally Falls Short as Boston Red Sox Prevail, 4-3

Red Sox southpaw Jon Lester pitched 5.2 shutout innings this evening, but his bullpen allowed two runs in the seventh inning and another in the eighth as the visiting Baltimore Orioles tied the game, thereby leaving the lefty with only a no-decision to show for his efforts.

But the Sox scored in the bottom of the frame courtesy of a bases-loaded walk to Adrian Beltre, and they went on to win the ballgame, 4-3, in front of 37,367 fans at Fenway Park.

Jason Varitek: The Captain at the Helm Makes a Difference

Is it me or does the game feel different when the Captain is behind the plate?

I will not argue with anyone that says Jason Varitek is near the end of his career.  I will not argue with anyone that says he needs to be the backup catcher. But after the start of this season, I must argue with anyone who doesn't agree that the game has a different tone when the Captain is at the Helm. 

Your Rod Allen-to-English Dictionary

Many love him, many hate him, but Rod Allen is one of a kind. I think we can all agree on that. For a long time, I wasn’t the biggest fan in the world of the Tiger color commentator.

Video: The A-Rod/Braden Incident

Sliding Into Home deserves the credit for this one. Here is a video of the incident that took place between Alex Rodriguez and Dallas Braden that ended in Braden erupting at A-Rod because he walked across the back of the mound on his way back to first base on a foul ball.

Toronto Blue Jays Should Be Thankful to Play in AL East

The Toronto Blue Jays began their 2010 season on a high note, starting 5-1 before coming back to the Rogers Centre for their home opener against the White Sox.


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