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MLB Spring Training

MLB Spring Training

The Chicago White Sox' 2009 Slightly Premature Preview

As I tend to do, I've saved the favorite for last. In the American League Central, that has to be the Chicago White Sox because they are the defending champions of the division. This is certainly the most wide open set of five in Major League Baseball.  Depending on who's talking, every team has a true shot to take the flag.

You cannot say that about any other division in baseball—thanks to the San Diego Padres and the AL West (only has four teams).

The Detroit Tigers' 2009 Slightly Premature Preview

In the interest of full disclosure, Justin Verlander and Gary Sheffield destroyed my fantasy team last year. Verlander was the second pitcher I drafted (after Aaron Harang—ouch), and all I needed from Sheff was one decent run at the end of the season to take my opening round playoff series. Swing and a miss on both counts.

Consequently, the residual bitterness may creep into this preview of the 2009 Detroit Tigers. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Los Angeles Angels' 2009 Slightly Premature Preview

For the last preview in the American League West, I saved the favorites heading into 2009: the Los Angeles Angels. I say "favorite," but never has an incumbent—fresh off a 21-game coast to the division flag—worn the mantle while being supported by wobblier legs.

Consider the five player transactions from this winter that figure to make the biggest impact on the new Major League Baseball season:

1.  CC Sabathia inks with the New York Yankees.

2.  Mark Teixeira inks with the Yankees.

3.  The Oakland Athletics trade for Matt Holliday.


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