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Detroit Tigers: Home Opener, Catholics and You

After a four game series in Toronto to begin the season, the Tigers return to Comerica Park for a 1:05 p.m. showdown against the Texas Rangers to open the home schedule on Friday, April 10.

This year, April 10 might just be another day to some. For me, it is my 23rd birthday. For Tiger fans it is the home opener. To many others the prime importance of April 10 is that it is Good Friday.

I read an article earlier today that I linked to my Facebook profile. That post sparked a war of words amongst a few of my friends and inspired me to write this article.

Apparently, there are some Catholics who are upset about the time at which the Tigers' home opener is scheduled. As is stands now, that game is the only one in the eastern time zone scheduled before 4 p.m.. They are upset because the game time is set during the holy hours of Good Friday.

So, to all the Catholics who are upset about this: I'm sorry, but that is the way it is. If you are now faced with the time conflict of watching or attending the Tigers game and going to mass, that is regrettable. Go to mass and put your colors on afterward.

The MLB is a business, like any other, that does not necessarily accede to the demands of any certain cross section of its fan base. The MLB schedules these games and it alone has the ability to change game times, at its discretion. Therefore, anger toward the Tigers is misdirected.

Day games are quite enjoyable, especially this time of year. A day game in the early spring means fans are at the park during peak heating for the day, instead of freezing after sundown. For those who can attend the game on Good Friday, have a great time. For those who cannot, well, there will be 80 more home games afterward.

Personally, I will be in attendance the next day.


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