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Hideki Matsui Throws Final Wrench in New York Yankees' Lineup Options

The New York Yankees came into 2009 with more depth on offense than any year since Darryl Strawberry came off the bench.

With the acquisition of Nick Swisher and the emergence of Brett Gardner in center field, head coach Joe Girardi had countless ways to mix and match a powerful offensive attack.

The signing of Mark Teixeira, however, was the first spark in an eventual flame out of Girardi’s plans.

It is impossible to question the signing of a dynamite offensive leader in his prime who also possesses top-notch defensive prowess.

What Is Wrong With the World Baseball Classic?

Yesterday I sat down to watch the United States and Puerto Rico compete in an elimination game for the World Baseball Classic. It was the top of the ninth and a chant of unrivaled irony rained from the stands.

The Puerto Rico supporters began chanting "Go Home, Gringos!"

The irony of this chant is that it was being chanted in English, but that is beside the point.

Fast forward 30 minutes or so and David Wright is up to bat. Bases loaded, two outs. As Wright hits a gorgeous shot down the foul line, the crowd is silent.

Grand Slam Fantasy Baseball Second Round Breakdown

The 2009 Fantasy Draft for the keeper Grand Slam league in its 10th season came and went on Saturday, March 14. After the first seven rounds were completed with keepers being claimed, the real draft began.

Here's how the second free agent round played out:

1. (13 overall) NC Hair Pie Lovers selected David Price (SP, Tampa Bay)

MLB Nightmares: How Bad Can It Get? (Humor)

Today, I woke up and thought to myself, “It’s going to be a bad day. Worst-case scenario, I’ll be late for my midterm, spill juice over my favorite shirt, and somehow lock myself out.”

So being the clairvoyant master I am, I left for my midterm extra early, wore the ugliest t-shirt I had, and made sure to stuff my key deep into my jeans. 

All was good, right?

Far from it.

Girardi Reveals Matsui Plan

Joe Girardi says that Hideki Matsui will not play the outfield until June this season, according to the Associated Press.

Spring Training Game 22: New York Yankees at Houston Astros

Spring Training Game 22
Yankees @ Astros
Osceola County Stadium - Kissimmee, FL
Game Time: 1:05 p.m.
TV/radio: none

Here are the lineups:

Johnny Damon LF
Robinson Cano DH
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Cody Ransom SS
Jose Molina C
Melky Cabrera CF
Angel Berroa 2B
Justin Leone 3B

Pitching: Chien-Ming Wang, Brett Tomko, Jose Veras, Phil Coke, and Jon Albaladejo

Michael Bourn CF
Jason Smith 2B
Lance Berkman 1B

The DH: A Bad Idea Then, A Bad Idea Now

Roric Harrison's mark on the game of baseball is, I'm afraid, totally safe. Barring something highly unusual, that is.

Harrison was the last American League pitcher to hit a home run in a game featuring two AL teams. He did it on October 3, 1972, while playing for the Baltimore Orioles in Cleveland. The dreadful Designated Hitter Rule arrived the next year.

USA-Puerto Rico: Wright on Time to Send U.S. to Semis

It didn't look good. Team USA was down by two going into the bottom of the ninth inning. History, however, would not repeat itself for Team USA.

With the bases loaded and the U.S. squad down by one in the bottom of the ninth inning, Mets third baseman David Wright delivered a game-winning single into right field scoring Jimmy Rollins and Brian Roberts.

The victory for Team USA sends them into the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic and consequentially eliminates Team Puerto Rico.

It didn't look good for Team USA, but they came through in the clutch.

The "Best/ Greatest" Team Ever

I usually try to stay away from these kinds of articles but, after reading several "Greatest Team Ever" or "Best Team Ever" articles, I decided to write my own. Now, I know this I have only been around for 19 years on God's good green Earth so I do have a bit of bias towards today's players. But, all biases will be put aside and I will judge players based on career and other information.

New York Yankees: A Season to Look Forward to


Who ever said money can’t buy happiness obviously never talked to a Yankee fan.


Best of the American League
Tampa Bay
Los Angeles
Total votes: 270

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