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Eric Wedge

Eric Wedge

Eric Wedge Hired as Blue Jays Player Development Adviser

The Toronto Blue Jays announced on Saturday they have hired Eric Wedge as the team's new player development adviser. 

Eric Wedge Will Not Return as Seattle Mariners Manager Next Season

Seattle Mariners manager Eric Wedge will not return to the team in 2014, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports:

Seattle Mariners: The Show Must Go On, It's Dustin Ackley Bat Night!

Did you know that Saturday night at Safeco Field is Dustin Ackley Bat Night?

All kids 14 and under will receive a full-sized Dustin Ackley Louisville Slugger, complements of Jack Link's Beef Jerky. 

Seriously, I can't make this stuff up.

Don't believe me?

MLB: Which 5 Managers Are Starting to Feel the Heat in the Early Going?

It may still be really early in the season, but as the weather heats up, so does the proverbial seat that each manager sits on.

A fast start can do a lot to assuage the demands of the fans, whereas a slow start can make the calls come louder and more bloodthirsty.

Again, I know that it's early. I know that nobody's getting fired anytime soon. However, what we can do right now is figure out who should start feeling uncomfortable if they can't turn things around soon. 

MLB: Eric Wedge Loses it After Latest Loss By Seattle Mariners

After the Seattle Mariners lost to the Kansas City Royals today, 7-0, Eric Wedge held a closed door meeting and ripped into his team like no other, according to Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times.

The loss dropped the Mariners to 4-11 on the season.

Seattle Mariners OF Milton Bradley Arrested in Los Angels on Felony Charge

Milton Bradley must have found the challenge of getting into trouble on the field too simple.

On Tuesday night, it was reported by KING5 News that Bradley had been arrested and charged with a felony in Los Angeles.

Seattle Mariners: 5 Reasons They Will Be More Enjoyable To Watch in 2011

Here’s a fact: The 2010 Mariners were pretty miserable. Aside from the expected contributions from Ichiro, Felix and Gutierrez, the rest was hard to watch. I’m an expert on the subject of how sore this made your eyes, having only missed 10 games this past season (and I thank my lovely girlfriend for those 10 blissful days).

So, what might 2011 bring? Could it get better before it gets worse? Could an improving AL West further bury the Mariners?

Well, by golly, pull up a seat and have a listen.

Seattle Mariners Hire Manager: We Don't Know About Eric Wedge

One of the major themes of the Seattle blogosphere this offseason, at least as it pertains to any potential managerial hiring, is quite simply that we don’t have enough information as fans to form a quantitative opinion of the guy they hired.

The Mariners hired Eric Wedge to be their new manager, and the move was met with a mass consensus of indifference among Mariners fans.

Mariners Introduce Eric Wedge To Skeptical Seattle Fan Base

This week, the Seattle Mariners rebuffed fan demands and shunned fan favorite Bobby Valentine in favor of former Cleveland manager Eric Wedge.    

Seatte Mariner Management Gives Fans a Wedgie!

Yesterday the Seattle Mariner front office garnered similar fan enthusiasm for their latest choice to manage the team, as one might find at an exciting university lecture on Wave Particle Duality and how that relates to quantum physics.

Lots of snoring, cat-calling, muttering, outright grumbling amidst the masses, scattered with skeptical “who the crap is that??!?


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