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Jim Leyland

Jim Leyland

Jim Leyland: History Will Judge Him Favorably in Detroit, as It Should

The year still looms there, like the cheese that stands alone.


It used to be 1968. That was the year that all Tigers fans would reference, sometimes happily, sometimes wistfully, sometimes pessimistically.

It seemed like we waited eons after the Tigers' 1968 World Series triumph for that feeling to come again. But it was only 16 years, which in retrospect is nothing, really.

2013 ALCS: Keys for the Detroit Tigers Against Boston in Game 3

After a dramatic two-game split in Boston, the Detroit Tigers return home for a crucial Game 3 in the first of three consecutive games to be played at Comerica Park.

Despite a late-game collapse in which Detroit allowed five Boston runs over the final two innings of Sunday’s Game 2 loss, a combined one-hitter from Tigers’ pitchers in Game 1 gives Detroit a theoretical chance to win the ALCS at home.

Detroit Tigers: Jeff Kobernus Will Make a Surprise Impact in 2013

A month ago, most people outside of Detroit didn't know who Jeff Kobernus was.

But this season, Kobernus will be on everyone's radar, and will make a surprise impact for the Detroit Tigers.

Why the Detroit Tigers and Brian Wilson Are the Perfect Fit

The Detroit Tigers need to make a strong effort in attempting to sign closer Brian Wilson who is coming off Tommy John surgery but yet expected to be healthy by Opening Day according to Tim Brown at Yahoo! Sports.


Leyland Skeptics Irrational: Detroit Tigers Are Doing Just Fine

The Tigers are 17-18, so it's time for the armchair-general managers to come out of the floorboards and call for the heads of Jim Leyland, Lloyd McClendon, David Dombrowski–-you name it.

MLB: Which 5 Managers Are Starting to Feel the Heat in the Early Going?

It may still be really early in the season, but as the weather heats up, so does the proverbial seat that each manager sits on.

A fast start can do a lot to assuage the demands of the fans, whereas a slow start can make the calls come louder and more bloodthirsty.

Again, I know that it's early. I know that nobody's getting fired anytime soon. However, what we can do right now is figure out who should start feeling uncomfortable if they can't turn things around soon. 

Jake Fox and Unwritten Baseball Rules: What's the Big Deal?

In general, unwritten rules are stupid. That’s why no one took the time to write them down. Think about it. If something really needs to be a rule—and it’s widely agreed that it needs to be a rule—it’s going to be documented, set in stone and thumb tacked to the wall of every minor league clubhouse.

By not making something an official rule, Major League Baseball is officially saying that it is okay, allowable and within the realm of acceptability.

MLB: Like it or Not, the Detroit Tigers' GM/Manager Tandem Will Return Past 2011

They are the Frick and Frack of baseball in Detroit. Some would call them Laurel and Hardy; on a good day, they're Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

It's gotten to the point that when you see either Dave Dombrowski or Jim Leyland, you're half-surprised not to see them joined at the hip.

They're two peas in a pod. Twin sons of different mothers.

Detroit Tigers 2011: Breaking Down Brennan Boesch and His Chances of Success

“Brennan Boesch is an equal opportunity slugger. Right field, left field, centerfield; right handed pitcher, left handed pitcher—it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t just box himself into hitting home runs! Singles, doubles, triples and even a grand slam are all on the stat line of this young rookie’s major league career. The kid is swinging a golden bat right now and for one, I don’t see him stopping any time soon.”

-Andrew Kulha, Summer 2010

2011 Detroit Tigers: Even With Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers Will Struggle Early

Even with Miguel Cabrera, don't be surprised when the Detroit Tigers are in last place in the AL Central division after the first month of the schedule. 

The MLB schedule makers have done no favors for a team that has been abysmal on the road the last two years, and the team has one major and a few minor issues to deal with.


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