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Jeremy Bonderman

Jeremy Bonderman

Seattle Mariners: Projecting the Starting Rotation for 2013

The starting rotation for the Seattle Mariners is far from set as the team gets ready to start spring training for the 2013 season.

Would it be a stretch to suggest that only two spots are assured at this point?

Felix Hernandez. Ace. Top of the rotation. In process of signing huge long-term deal. Check.

MLB Spring Training: Will Jeremy Bonderman or Jon Garland Make the Roster?

For a team that was struggling for pitching depth about a week ago, the Seattle Mariners seem to be intent on having as many options as possible heading into the 2013 season.

Cleveland Indians: Tribe On the Verge of Signing a Starting Pitcher?

According to Jordan Bastian of, the Indians are close to signing free agent pitcher Jeremy Bonderman. The former first-round pick of the Oakland Athletics, Bonderman is no stranger to the Central Division. The right-hander has pitched for the Detroit Tigers since making his debut in 2003. 

MLB Offseason: 5 Free Agents Still Available Could Help The Houston Astros

As we move closer to spring training and the start of the 2011 season, teams are still looking at free agents and how they might be able to help their team.

This past week, Vernon Wells was traded, Manny and Johnny Damon reunited in Tampa Bay, and it looks like Vlad is on his way to Baltimore. There are still some quality free agents looking for homes and some of these players could help the Astros this season.

MLB Hot Stove: Where Will the Top 10 Free Agents Still On the Market Land?

As the last dying embers of the Hot Stove flame begin to blacken and fade, let's take one more look at who is still out there.

At this time of the year, free agents can often be had at a discount, hungry as players are to find a team and get down to the work of getting ready for the season to come. There are still a few potential impact players floating around, as well as many more who could prove to be valuable additions in the right place.

Come Back Kids: MLB Players In Need of a Bounceback Season

No one said it was easy to get into the Major Leagues.  No one said it was any easier to stay in the Major Leagues.

But it is possible and you are about to see some of the once highly-touted prospects who have made it to the show.  The only problem is that their careers have not exactly blossomed in the fashion that was expected of them when they were first signed.

MLB Rumors: Ranking Vladimir Guerrero and the Top 15 Free Agents Remaining

Back in early December, I went over the 20 best pitchers remaining on the free agent market. A few days before 2011 began, I returned to the topic of Free Agency to take a look at the 12 best bargains left on the free agent market.

Detroit Tigers And Jeremy Bonderman Need To Part Ways

Every March since 2004, Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Jeremy Bonderman has been primed for a breakout season. While the Tigers are sharpening their skills in Lakeland, that conversation takes place and you can set your watch by it. However this breakout season has never materialized, and now I believe that it never will.

Who's Left? Any August Believers Still Out There For The Detroit Tigers?

See that guy in the picture? That's outfielder Magglio Ordonez. Do you know why he is sticking his tongue out at you? Because he is not on the field driving in runs. Because the Tigers look more deserving of a berth in a trash heap than in a pennant race.

Anyone out there have any faith that the Tigers are still in a pennant race?

I certainly hope not. If so, I'm sorry to burst your soap bubble, but allow me to disillusion you. The pipe dream you were in has expired, welcome back to reality.

Detroit Tigers Recap—Game 10

Mariners 11, Tigers 3

The Good:

It only counts as one game in the standings.

The Bad:

No comeback this time. After giving up three runs in the third, it appeared that the Tigers were going to get right back in the game when they scored two in the fourth. But the comeback bid was stamped out by the M's answer of two runs in the bottom of the fourth and six runs in the fifth.

Swings and misses:


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