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Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander

Fantasy Baseball Sleepers 2012: 4 Pitchers That Are Quality Start All-Stars

Picking out quality starting pitching for your fantasy baseball team can be a fickle enterprise, given how difficult it is to project how well any given MLB hurler will fare from year to year.

Not to mention how few and far between aces tend to be.

Fantasy Baseball Sleepers 2012: Detroit Tigers You Must Have on Your Roster

The Detroit Tigers will be the best team in baseball in 2012, so if you're looking for fantasy baseball sleepers, they are probably a good roster to check out.

Superstars like Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder are given fantasy studs, but they aren't the only players on this roster that put up big numbers.

Predicting Who Will Throw the MLB's Next Perfect Game

Baseball perfection is one of the most exciting, rare and unpredictable feats in all of sports. Yet here I am trying to predict who will hurl the next ultimate gem.

The last time we saw one, Roy Halladay pulled it off in a 1-0 victory over the then Florida Marlins in May of 2010. The fact that Halladay has done it so recently makes him an automatic candidate to pull it again, never mind the postseason no-no he threw that same year.

AL, NL Midseason Awards: Who's the Best in the Game?

We are just a few days away from the All-Star break for the 2011 MLB season.

We've already seen some spectacular performances in the first half from expected names and some newcomers alike.

Like last season, baseball has been largely dominated by incredible pitching performances. Pitchers are going deeper into games than they have in recent memory and leaving most hitters in the dust.

There have been a few exceptions however.

With that in mind, here are the best (and just for fun, the worst) in the AL and NL this season

MLB 2011: The List of the Most Likely To...

Remember in high school, the senior class would vote to see who would be the "Most Likely to Succeed," or the "Most Likely to Marry a Millionaire," and so on?

Just before the All-Star break is an appropriate time to present a list of the “Most Likely To...”

It is all for fun and giggles, no pressure, not hard to force the gray matter into coming up with earth shattering news.

Major League Baseball: Matt Kemp and the Rest of the First Half Award Winners

Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers leads the way in our group of award winner from the first half of the 2011 Major League Baseball Season.

Baseball has suddenly become dominated by pitching as there are only seven players in the entire league with at least 20 home runs.  

The Seven Deadly Unwritten Sins of Baseball

Every sport has their own set of unwritten sins, for instance a left tackle not helping their quarterback up after a blindside sack, or in hockey not giving the goalie your stick after his breaks, but no sport has more unwritten rules than baseball.

Justin Verlander Video: Watch the Detroit Tigers Pitcher Commit Balk of the Year

What the heck was that? 

It appears Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers just did a one-two step and threw directly at David DeJesus. 

The umpires discussed it and called a balk on Verlander. DeJesus had to head back to the plate and Daric Barton was awarded second base. 

MLB: Who Are the Early Favorites to Take Home Baseball's Top Honors?

One week down, plenty of panic buttons pushed.

It's been an upside down week for Major League Baseball. The Red Sox look like a slumbering bear just awoken from hibernation. The Twins actually won in the Bronx. And the Reds are quietly keeping busy—not that any of us have noticed...or have we?

Detroit Tigers Break Camp: Justin Verlander Dominating, Poised for Cy Young Run

Lost amid the drama of the Miguel Cabrera DUI, the decision on the starting second baseman and the battles for the final roster spots is the fact that Justin Verlander had a dominating spring.

Verlander ended the spring 3-0 with a 0.96 ERA and 23 Ks and only three walks in 28 innings. He was utterly dominating and bucked his trend of mediocre springs over the last couple of years. If the Tigers are going to be serious contenders, they need Verlander to move up from a quality ace to a top ace.


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