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Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander

Detroit Tigers on Pace to Win 90 Games and Division Title

The Detroit Tigers are exactly two ninths of the way through the 2009 campaign. Detroit is in excellent position to make a run in the month of May and gain some breathing room between themselves and the rest of the Central Division.

The Tigers have had four separate three-game winning streaks, but have been unable to win four in a row this year. On Tuesday night Detroit will attempt to end that trend as Dontrelle Willis once again seeks his first victory as a member of the Tigers.

Flamethrowers: Hot/Not Pitchers Weekly

"Flamethrowers" is our Monday topic at during the MLB season. In these articles, we attempt to showcase some of the hottest, and not so hot, pitchers at the time.

These players, in no particular order, are Hot/Not in my eyes.


Detroit Tigers: April MVP's and Disappointments

As the first month of baseball comes to a close, the Tigers look like the team who could win the Central Division.

At this point, though, anyone could win it. With Chicago and Kansas City both producing good records right now, either team could take over the top spot.


Kansas City will fall off, just like surprising teams early in the year often do.

The end of April will start my monthly installment of who I think are the Tigers' pitching and batting MVP's.

Pitching MVP: Armando Gallaraga

Reason for Optimism?:Detroit Tigers Show They Have Plenty of Bite Left

For the throngs of Tiger fans and critics alike, today's game was for you. 

For the talking heads and assorted prognosticators who have predicted another disappointing season in Detroit, today's game was for you.

For those who called for Jim Leyland to run for governor three years ago and are now calling for his head, today's game was for you.

And for those that think the city of Detroit is a walking corpse, today's game was for you.

At no time over the past couple seasons have the Tigers needed a victory more. 

The Detroit Tigers' 2009 Slightly Premature Preview

In the interest of full disclosure, Justin Verlander and Gary Sheffield destroyed my fantasy team last year. Verlander was the second pitcher I drafted (after Aaron Harang—ouch), and all I needed from Sheff was one decent run at the end of the season to take my opening round playoff series. Swing and a miss on both counts.

Consequently, the residual bitterness may creep into this preview of the 2009 Detroit Tigers. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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