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Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander

Hurlers for the Hall 2: AL and NL Central Pitchers

It’s been awhile since the last article in this series. I’ve been busy lately, but I’m dead set on finishing it up, and I only have this and one more to go.

One thing that seemed to spark some confusion was the subject of the last article. I had a few people asking why I didn’t include certain players.

Well, throughout each of my articles, I’ve been trying to cover any player who might have a chance at the Hall of Fame by position; with pitchers, though, there were too many to compress into one article.

The Detroit Tigers' All-Time Starting Rotation

Imagine you are responsible to select an all-time starting rotation for the Detroit Tigers.  The pitchers you pick will form the Tigers all-time team and compete against the best of their competition.

Who would you select?  To whom would you give the ball to face off against Walter Johnson, Lefty Grove, Whitey Ford, Jim Palmer, and Roger Clemens?  Who would be your backup pitchers and relievers as well?

What Snub? Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander Named to All-Star Team

Last Thursday, Justin Verlander said he didn't feel he was snubbed from the All-Star Game.

But due to outings by All-Star starters like New York's C.C. Sabathia, Verlander was given the nod to represent Mo-Town in the mid-summer classic.

Verlander's numbers are comparable to those voted in, but during the process, his numbers weren't up to par, he said. Verlander had an 8-5 record, and a 3.85 ERA. He explained how peers and managers select pitchers—position players are placed by fan-vote.

Inside The Detroit Tigers' All-Star Game Selections and Snubs

Miguel Cabrera and Jose Valverde will represent the Detroit Tigers in the 2010 Midsummer Classic.

Cabrera narrowly lost out to for the starting position at first base to Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins. Through Saturday night's game against the Mariners, Cabrera had a .338 batting average, 20 HR and 68 RBIs. 

Cabrera is most likely the last remaining hitter with a chance at the American League triple crown this season. He ranks in the top five in batting average, runs batted in and home runs.

Justin Verlander's First Inning Struggles

On Tuesday night I sat down and turned on the beginning of the New York Mets vs Detroit Tigers game.

I did have some vesting interest in the game since I have Ike Davis and Brennan Boesch on my fantasy team, but I also had interest in the game due to the fact that Justin Verlander was on the mound for the Tigers.

I have always enjoyed watching Verlander pitch, mainly because he is one of the few pitchers in baseball who can throw a 100 mph fastball and also snap off a knee-buckling curve ball.

Four Tigers That Are Crucial To Detroit's 2010 Season

The Tigers head into this 2010 season with championship aspirations and a talented roster, but they have also relied heavily on the support of a few Tigers.

The club has recently floundered offensively, allowing more runs than they have scored. Most recently, the Tigers were shut out by the subpar Chicago White Sox.

In terms of pitching, the only bright spot has been the Tiger bullpen.

MLB Fantasy: Two-Start Pitchers for Week Nine are Lincecum, Verlander

This late in the season, it is rare to see bona fide stars sucking, but that’s what you get from Nate McLouth , Aramis Ramirez , Chone Figgins ,or Jake Peavy . All of these guys were drafted with expectations of big fantasy numbers, but all have floundered this season.

American League Central Will Be a Turbulent, Two-Team Race—Buckle Up!

Somewhere, sometime in the history of the baseball world, it was deemed that the Fourth of July holiday should be the benchmark to determine whether your team had a snowball’s chance in Hell of waving the pennant at the end of the season.

Not sure why July 4. Why not Flag Day, June 14? Seems appropriate; the pennant is sometimes called the “flag."

Labor Day is cheating; there’s less than a month left, so that’s hardly a step out onto the limb.

Is It Too Early To Call The Detroit Tigers One Of MLB's Best Teams?

The Detroit Tigers are fresh off two wins in M.C. Hammer's old stomping grounds—Oakland, Cal.

2010 Pitching Busts: Verlander, Peavy, Beckett Headline List

Like Carlos Zambrano, big-time pitchers Justin Verlander, Jake Peavy, and Josh Beckett are off to awful starts. They are not alone. Names like Jon Lester, Aaron Harang, Javier Vazquez, Chad Billingsley, and Jeremy Bonderman join them on this list of the top ten worst pitchers in 2010.

Virtually all of these pitchers have two things in common. They were expected to be aces, stoppers, shutdown grinders, strike-one dealers. They are all disappointing.

Let’s take a look at how bad they all really are, see if they’re improving, and ask ourselves:

Is this just an April shower?


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